Center for Civic Innovation NPU Survey

Civic engagement is an essential part of working with the public at-large or even a highly nuanced and segmented group. Public discourse takes place in disparate places, online forums, websites and platforms, online meetings and social networking like Zoom and Teams. Covid has changed how and where we communicate, placing our lives in a dual existence, one in our homes and the other in a digital world. And for those who don’t or are unable to engage virtually, finding safe ways to communicate and inform is crucial.

We here in Civic and Community Engagement at CCI are working to broaden our reach and effectiveness in communicating ideas about our collective civic life. We have a survey that seeks to identify how people take in information, where they find information about what is going on, and how they are likely to be inspired to take action. 

If you have not already done so, please take a moment to complete our community-wide survey about civic engagement and share with your networks. It is now available in both Spanish and English. 

The survey is part of our NPU Initiative- a comprehensive, multi-year study and review of Atlanta’s historic Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) system in order to make ten recommendations for system improvements.

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