Atlanta City Council Recent Legislation Adoption

The Atlanta City Council adopted legislation Monday to add the Atlanta Citizen Review Board as a charter-mandated board (Legislative Reference No. 20-O-1477). The board was created in 2007 to provide citizen oversight of misconduct accusations against sworn members of the City’s police and corrections departments.

The Council also approved legislation specifying that any allocation of maintenance dollars from the Tree Trust Fund must be used only for initial, short-term maintenance costs such as cleanup, removal of invasive species, security fencing, and staff or contractors to administer such services (Legislative Reference No. 20-O-1337).

Other items adopted Monday include:

• An ordinance authorizing negotiations with the Conservation Fund to purchase property located at 640 Hutchens Road SE for the purpose of providing approximately 0.99 acres in additional park space within southeast Atlanta (Legislative Reference No. 20-O-1503).

• An ordinance to renew a contract with Quest Community Development Organization Inc. for 12 affordable multi-family housing units for low-income residents in Vine City (Legislative Reference 20-O-1532).

• An ordinance to allow alcohol license applicants to request an additional 126 days to resubmit applications that are expired as a result of waiting for final building and fire inspections (Legislative Reference No. 20-O-1526). Due to COVID-19, the City’s ability to conduct building and fire inspections between March 13-July 17 was restricted. Qualified applicants include those whose applications have already completed the NPU and License Review Board process.

• An ordinance authorizing donations totaling $18,501 from Council members’ contingency funds to Helping Empower Youth (HEY!) Inc. to support efforts aimed at improving opportunities for youth (Legislative Reference No. 20-O-1533). HEY! is a youth leadership development organization working to provide training and tutoring to metro Atlanta youth selling water on interstate ramps.

• A resolution executing an Airline Rates and Charges Accommodation Program Agreement to help airlines at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport mitigate the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (Legislative Reference No. 20-R-4199).

• A resolution authorizing an intergovernmental agreement with MARTA to implement the More MARTA Atlanta Expansion Program (Legislative Reference No. 20-R-4194).

• A resolution authorizing a contract with IKE Smart City LLC for the installation and maintenance of interactive digital kiosks on behalf of AIM to improve the pedestrian experience of residents and visitors to the city (Legislative Reference No. 20-R-4206).

• A resolution authorizing the mayor’s Office of Resilience to accept technical services offered by the Natural Resources Defense Council Inc. for up to $59,000 to increase food waste diversion from landfills through the recovery of food surpluses to feed people and by increased diversion of inedible food scraps to create compost (Legislative Reference No. 20-R-4192). Several items were also introduced to be considered in committee next week, including:

• An ordinance to establish the “Building the Beloved Community” Housing Affordability Initiative and to request the issuance of taxable revenue bonds in an amount not to exceed $100 million for the financing of certain eligible single family and multi-family housing units.

• A resolution directing the Office of Innovation Delivery and Performance to work with the Atlanta Department of Transportation to prepare a multi-year payment plan to holistically and responsibly pay down the City’s sidewalk repair backlog and to fund new construction.

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