COVID-19 Small Business Survey & Business Continuity Loan Fund

Help us reach businesses in your community!

The City of Atlanta and the Department of City Planning recognizes the hard-hitting impact of COVID-19 on our neighborhood small businesses. As advocates for neighborhood business districts across Atlanta, please help us share the following with the businesses in your community:
SURVEY – Please share this COVID-19 Small Business Impact Survey from the Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative, so the City of Atlanta and other partners can begin to understand the impact of this crisis and mobilize resources. We urge businesses to submit the survey as soon as possible.
LOAN FUND — Mayor Bottoms allocated $1.5 Million of the COVID-19 emergency fund to support small businesses with the Business Continuity Loan Fund through Invest Atlanta. View the Invest Atlanta website for a video explaining the application process, a flyer, and contact information for questions. Applications are being processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Please visit for more helpful resources for Main Street Districts and small businesses. Read Monday’s press release to learn more about Mayor Bottoms’ “Stay at Home” Order.

Thank you for your help in sharing this information with businesses and for all you do for your community. Take care and stay safe!

Joshua Humphries
Interim Director
Housing and Community Development
Department of City Planning | City of Atlanta

Emily Giordano
Project Manager
Housing and Community Development
Department of City Planning | City of Atlanta

Please take the SURVEY

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