NPU-W Elected Representative elections

NPU-W has adopted the practice of annually, at the October general meeting, electing resident representatives from each of the geographic areas represented by the recognized neighborhood associations. The NPU-W Bylaws state:

There shall be twenty-four (24) Elected Representatives to NPU-W. Eight (8) Elected Representatives shall be elected from each of the following Geographic Areas: 1) East Atlanta; 2) Grant Park & Oakland; and 3) Ormewood Park, Benteen Park, Boulevard Heights, Custer-McDonough-Guice, & Woodland Hills.

These Elected Representatives to NPU-W shall be assigned to serve on one or more of the NPU-W Standing Committees. Using all reasonable methods/efforts, and unless otherwise provided for in these Bylaws, the Elected Representatives shall be equally assigned to the standing committees of record.

Any resident as defined in these Bylaws is eligible to be nominated to serve as an NPU-W Elected Representative.

The election guide and candidate application form are available at this page on NPU-W website:

Please complete a candidate form by October 21st if you are interested in being considered at the October 26th election.

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