Atlanta BeltLine Update: Funding to Complete Trail Corridor Would Enhance Affordable Housing and Jobs

The Atlanta BeltLine began as a bold idea more than 20 years ago—a way to connect neighborhoods across Atlanta and create more mobility and opportunity for everyone in our city. Currently, the project requires a new mechanism for generating the necessary funds to meet its targeted delivery by 2030.

Legislation to create a Special Service District (SSD) within the Atlanta BeltLine Planning Area was introduced at the Atlanta City Council meeting on Jan. 19. This new revenue source would ensure completion of the 22-mile loop of mainline, multi-use trail and stimulate jobs and economic recovery. Residents living in single-family homes would not be a part of the district.

Finishing the corridor with this critical funding will

  • Create 50,000 permanent jobs
  • Ensure the goal of 5,600 affordable homes is reached
  • Deliver the project’s economic impact of $10 billion
  • Allow for $7 million in additional small business support
  • Provide the opportunity for $150 million in construction funding for minority-owned businesses

Learn more about how BeltLine communities will benefit from the additional funds at and find answers to frequently asked questions. You also can attend one of our community meetings.

Interested in volunteering? We need Atlanta BeltLine supporters to help us ensure this critical funding is approved. Click the button below to receive information on how you can help.

Community Engagement Meetings

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