Updates on United Ave SE bridge demolition and travel impacts

Work has begun for the demolition of the United Avenue bridge. 

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. met with Verizon last Friday and they informed us that the fiber running across the bridge contains various users. This information and the delicate nature of demolition around said conduit raised the attention level of the general contractor, Reeves Young. They have retained a concrete saw cutting firm in order to demolish the concrete directly above the conduit in pieces They will do this work slowly and delicately so as to leave the conduit containing the fiber lines in place, elevated above the road.

This is estimated to add 3 additional days to the actual work although it will not impact the completion of the overall demolition which has until July 10 to be completed per the road closure permit. While the project will not be done at that point, subsequent work such as concrete access ramps and the like can be done with just flag persons and maybe a single lane closure.

Please see visit bit.ly/unitedavebridge for the latest project details – as well as new detour maps for trail and road users. Stay tuned for details on our upcoming virtual public meeting to present interim solutions for safe trail connectivity, once a proposal is further developed.

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