Civic Participation for Seniors During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Thursday, April 23rd at 10:30 a.m.

Please share this news from our NPU friends with the City of Atlanta…

To make sure we are communicating directly with seniors and those who advocate for them, NPU University is hosting a conference call for seniors next Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. To access the call, dial (646) 558-8656, access code: 399 797 8529# from any phone. The purpose of this call is to dispel myths about virtual meetings, to help take the intimidation factor out of the concept of virtual meetings, and show our senior neighbors how they can participate. There are seniors who are opposed to meeting virtually, only because they’ve been told that they have to have a computer or a smartphone. In this call, we will take the time to explain to seniors and the people who advocate for them how these meetings work and how they can vote on NPU agenda items. At the end of the call, they will be given the opportunity to ask any questions about virtual meetings. If you have a smartphone or computer, you can join the meeting here: The meeting ID is 399 797 8529.

We have come to realize, as have many of you, that meeting virtually is actually MORE inclusive, since people who would not otherwise have an opportunity to attend NPU meetings can now participate without leaving their homes. This means that seniors who don’t like to go out after dark, seniors without transportation, seniors who are homebound or have difficulty getting around, or even parents who need childcare can now attend NPU and neighborhood association meetings. With virtual meetings, we even have the flexibility to stream meetings live on Facebook, or record and upload them to websites. Without a doubt, virtual meetings give NPUs the opportunity to reach more residents than ever before.

Leah LaRue, Registered Mediator

Assistant Director, Neighborhood Planning Units

City of Atlanta | Department of City Planning | 55 Trinity Avenue SW, Suite 1450 | Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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