March ☘ Atlanta BeltLine Update on COVID-19

In the last ten days, the world as we knew it has been turned upside down. We find ourselves isolated, glued to the news, scrambling to maintain some semblance of continuity with work, school, and family as we are forced to re-evaluate how we do life in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the uncertainty of the hour, the tremendous display of global solidarity we’ve seen has been a powerful testimony as people innovate how they stay connected, make ends meet, or support those hit hardest by the effects of the virus. We are all connected by a fundamental desire to overcome, to push through, and ultimately to come out on the other side stronger.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has taken proactive steps to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19 by signing Executive Orders limiting the number of people that can gatherrestricting restaurants to take out service, and closing bars and gyms, and directing all Atlanta residents to stay in their homes for 14 days, with certain specific exceptions. In support of these orders, we have: 

  • suspended all BeltLine events and programs through at least April 17
  • installed signage encouraging social distancing and other safe behavior along all mainline segments of the Atlanta BeltLine
  • closed the Atlanta BeltLine Center, and
  • implemented a mandatory telework policy for our staff. 

While trails throughout the city – including the BeltLine – remain open as transportation corridors, we strongly encourage everyone to stay at home at this time. If you do visit the Atlanta BeltLine during this period, it is critical to our collective health that you follow all CDC recommendations, remain at least 6 feet apart, and avoid congregating.

During this unprecedented time, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your ongoing support and urge everyone to exercise the utmost precautionary measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus in Atlanta. We are in this together, and we’re going to get through it together as a stronger, better community.

As we all ride out the storm of COVID-19 together, we get how rough it is to be locked inside and socially isolated. Although the Atlanta BeltLine may traditionally be a place for connectivity, this is not the time or place to socialize, and we do not condone congregating, clustering, or gathering along the trail.

The trail is first and foremost a transit corridor. To trail users buying last minute essentials, getting some fresh air and exercise, or walking the stir-crazy pet (or kid), we are integrating reminders to improve our city-wide efforts to #FlattenTheCurve.

Some friendly reminders:

  • Avoid peak trail hours
  • Stay at a safe distance (6-10 feet)
  • Keep moving
  • Drink water regularly
  • Wash and sanitize hands often

We are all in this together, and we encourage everyone to be smart, stay safe, and do their part! Learn more about our Be Smart, Stay Safe etiquette campaign here.

Stay safe, Atlanta.

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