Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Home Empowerment Workshops & Homestead Exemption Information

The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership is the nonprofit that raises private funds to support build-out of Atlanta BeltLine parks and trails; provides programming and events that engage people with the Atlanta BeltLIne; and works through strategic partnerships to bring about improvement in BeltLine neighborhoods in the areas of health, housing and economic opportunity.

Many have participated in their free fitness classes or road races, taken their bus, bike, or walking tours, or volunteered with them. Some have attended one of their free homeowner empowerment workshops.

In light of COVID-19, we are helping distribute materials from their cancelled homestead exemption workshops to any residents who may find them useful. The focus of these workshops was to help people understand and file for their homestead exemption by April 1, 2020. They find that many homeowners not only have not filed for this important exemption, but many don’t even know it exists. Here are links to the materials from the workshop.

Workshop Presentation

Physician Disability Certificate

2020 Homestead Application

What You’ll Need

They are wanting to help residents access important information and resources during this time. They are considering hosting future homeowner workshops online or via the telephone.

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