2020 NPU-W Officers & Representatives

Congratulations to the 2020 NPU-W officers and representatives.


Jonathan Barhite, Chair

Ed Gilgor, Vice Chair

Lewis Cartee, Secretary


East Atlanta

  1. Barhite, Jonathan
  2. Cartee, Lewis
  3. Fore, Howard
  4. Gilgor, Edward
  5. Green, Ralph
  6. Murray, Jennifer
  7. Schneggenburger, Andy
  8. Open

Benteen Park, Boulevard Heights, Custer-McDonough-Guice, Ormewood Park, and Woodland Hills

  1. Clubb, Nathan
  2. Cox, Rachael
  3. Handley, Dean
  4. Lall, Ron
  5. Lee, Rod
  6. Smith, Fred
  7. Synder, Michael
  8. Tanner, Mark

Grant Park

  1. Carr, Steve
  2. Hudson, Rick
  3. Keen, Laura
  4. Martin, Darren
  5. Mitchell, David
  6. Newman, Chris
  7. Powner, Steve
  8. Zucca, Paul

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