TECH BRIDGE: Creative Approach To Workforce Development

Accenture and ServiceNow are assisting TechBridge and Goodwill of North Georgia with their innovative approach to workforce training. In conjunction with the Fall kick-off of the Technology Career Program, TechBridge recently talked with Kate Sumowski, Senior Program Manager, NextGen Program at ServiceNow and Paul Blair, Product Manager at Accenture about the impact of the program.

Kate Sumowski shared, “ServiceNow is working with TechBridge to help bridge the talent gap within the ServiceNow ecosystem. We are looking to do that with a philanthropic twist and work with people that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to work in the tech industry.”

Charged with the purpose of enrolling unemployed or underemployed adults from mostly low-income communities into customized, high-demand tech training, the TechBridge Technology Career Program is designed to put each certified student on the first rung of the IT career ladder to enable the graduate to climb toward a future with decades of stable household income. The double aims of this fast-track training approach is to fill the talent gap for mid-income technology jobs in Georgia and to break the cycle of generational poverty that exists for many families. The Technology Career Program is celebrating its inaugural year of providing this free, part-time four-month technology and business education program.

Visit here to learn more…

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