Leadership & Representatives

The NPU-W Election Guide is available here.

2023 Elected Representative Candidate Form is available here.

2023 Leadership Candidate Form is available here.

2022 Leadership
Ronald A. Lall – Chair, chair@npu-w.org
Skyler Hassan – Vice Chair, vicechair@npu-w.org
Leslie Ramirez – Secretary, secretary@npu-w.org

The Leadership Team of NPU-W consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees and of any active Ad-Hoc Committees, all of whom are volunteers. You may send an email to the entire Leadership Team by using: leadership@npu-w.org

Elected Representatives – NPUs use different structures of internal organization to best meet the particular needs of each NPU. NPU-W has adopted a system whereby eight representatives, from three geographic neighborhood areas, volunteer to serve on one or more of the NPU-W Standing Committees for the calendar year. These 24 representatives are elected by members of the NPU. Participation on any Standing Committee is open to all eligible residents of the NPU, and Elected Representatives are those who have made a particular volunteer commitment to serve their communities.

For neighborhood planning units, a resident is defined in the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances as: any person 18 years of age or older whose primary place of residence is within the neighborhood planning unit, or any corporation, organization, institution or agency which owns property or has a place of business or profession within the NPU (Sec 6-3012(3)).

The Standing Committees of NPU-W are ByLaws (B), Land Use & Zoning (LUZ), Neighborhood Safety (NS) and Transportation (T).

East Atlanta neighborhood

Grant Park neighborhood

Benteen Park, Boulevard Heights, Custer-McDonough-Guice, Ormewood Park, and Woodland Hills neighborhoods

  • Michael Alatalo (LUZ, NS)
  • Johnathan Barhite (LUZ)
  • Lewis Cartee (B)
  • Andrea Cleary (LUZ)
  • Howard Fore (T)
  • Edward Gilgor (NS)
  • Jennifer Murray (LUZ)
  • Myron Polster (NS)
  • Loyal Charles (LUZ)
  • Sklyer Hassan (B,LUZ,NS,T)
  • Phred Huber (NS)
  • Paul Kawata (B, NS)
  • Laura Keen (LUZ)
  • Phillip Kelly (LUZ, T)
  • David Mitchell (LUZ)
  • Linda Medsker (NS)
  • Mike Gardner (LUZ)
  • Nina Gentry (B, LUZ)
  • Amanda Harwood (LUZ)
  • Brent Huff (LUZ)
  • Ronald Lall (B, LUZ, NS)
  • Michael Snyder (LUZ)
  • Gracie Kugler
  • Nathan Clubb

Chair: bylaws@npu-w.org

Land Use & Zoning
Chair: zoning@npu-w.org

Neighborhood Safety
Chair: publicsafety@npu-w.org

Chair: transportation@npu-w.org